Is Your Content Consistent

Every once in awhile it is a good idea to do a content audit to make sure you are consistent across all your channels. Today we will go over some steps that will help you to do that.


1. Make sure your brand is the same across all your channels. Your motto should be the same on all the pages and even simple things like your color scheme should be fairly consistent.


2. Make sure all your messages (especially social messages) are consistent and are geared toward your demographic.


3. Check your website analytics and find out which pages are and are not working. Look for pages with high views and high bounce rates and figure out what isnt working.


4. Remove outdated references. Get rid of the reference to that upcoming festival you will be out that happened last year.


5. Check for repeats. Make sure you do not repeats yourself. The last thing people want to do is find multiple instances of the same information on your website.


6. Refine your menu. Get some fresh eyes to look at the menu and make sure your navigation as a whole is user friendly and consistent.


7. Identify the chance to combine offline and online marketing. For example if you are going to print brochures make a qr code for mobile users to scan to go to your Facebook page.


8. Update outdated content practices. It can be hard when you get in the habit of how to make your blog or Facebook posts to change that. But take a step back and check the effectiveness of it.  Try to get rid of any weaknesses you see to make your brand more powerful.




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