5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)

Maile Ohye from Google covers the five most common errors she finds in SEO, and then concludes with six quick tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

New SEO Tactics Tutorial for 2013 and 2014 – Links, Social, Usage, Secrets, Leaks & More – joshbachynski@gmail.com.


49 thoughts on “5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)

  1. Hi Maile, Thank you very much for your pointers, though I’d like to see
    more description for some of the points. In your SEO Instructions, what
    does “Be Smart about your tags and Site architecture” mean?

    My four small sites seem to be avoiding all the SEO mistakes and black-hat
    no-no’s. They’re listed in Webmstr Tools and Analytics and I manage those
    frequently. I’m always adding well researched content, and minimizing
    affiliate links. Although they are getting some traffic, and there’s been
    no manual actions against them, none of them are ranking anywhere for any
    keywords I’m trying to rank for, and they seem to be non-existant in the
    SERP’s for anything, though they are indexed and the sitemaps are
    up-to-date. I want to be on Google’s good side. What am I missing??
    These are the kind of answers I’ve been searching for.

    After a page has been indexed, is it detrimental to adjust the site title
    to a more descriptive one?

  2. Recipe for agile #SEO — adapt quickly:
    Define metric for success
    Implement Improvement
    Measure Impact
    Create new improvement
    Prioritize based upon market and your capabilities

  3. From Google’s lips to your ears … five common SEO mistakes and what to do
    about them.
    5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)

  4. Great! Thank you so much for sharing it. This kind of mistake is very
    common in seo world. Many seo specialist are making it a habit so we need
    to avoid it now.

  5. Learning from your mistakes is extremely important, its what makes business
    grow stronger every month…

  6. Regardless of what people tell you it’s an undoubted fact, that quality
    backlinks built by hand are really the best, safest also the most powerful
    method to achieve top rankings. Don’t trust me? Take a look at R8SEO
    (G00GLE it)!

  7. Enjoyed the majority of the information provided, however can someone
    direct me to a glossary of the terms used in this video – I am a website
    owner not an SEO expert

  8. Good advice from Google on how to avoid common mistakes in Search Engine
    Optimization and replace them with best practices.

  9. I’m not totally convinced this has been a negative time in SEO. I feel
    like there’s an overall improvement in the ways Google will rank original,
    higher quality content and to recognize authors that follow best practices.
    Developing an authoritative reputation isn’t just about the website
    anymore, it’s about the person/people behind the content in my personal
    opinion. I feel like this is a better practice to keep #SEO professionals
    accountable to being responsible with their work as opposed to
    creating/churning and burning profiles and websites.

    No offense but I personally think that if your links are unnatural, I think
    your content should be pushed into the bottom of the pile. You’re
    obviously a really smart guy +josh bachynski, why not just develop
    reputable backlinks, create good content and participate in conversation?
    The rank will be there usually within a month or less if you’re really
    diligent and become a published (blog) expert in a particular space.

    *Here are my SEO tips for 2014 for what it’s worth:*

    The “secret social sauce” in my opinion is 1) participation, 2) being
    active in community, 3) organizing content using hashtags and 4) the
    quality of your comments and feedback in conversation.

    You’re right, it’s not about buying tweets, likes or +1’s. It’s not just
    discussion in Blackhat forums, it’s having *any* involvement or
    participation in any blackhat community. Stay away from blackhat
    techniques *at all cost*. Personally, count me out of blackhat community
    and forums. Thanks but no thanks! Google is getting incredibly
    intelligent about tracking a person/people who are using blackhat methods.
    You’re going to get caught eventually and you will get beat, simple as

    Do an honest days work in SEO and follow best practices, create good
    content that’s original and be diligent about helping to organize the web
    for Google and you will rank well. I typically build zero backlinks to my
    websites and I almost always get ranked on the first page of Google on
    really competitive keywords when I work hard enough at it.

    You have to ask yourself this, what is more natural? A high quality
    website with original content and reputable authorship that has ten quality
    links or a website that has twenty, thirty or even a hundred links and drek

  10. Josh, I have been a silent viewer for some time but your views and advice
    have gone a long way in our company to help our clients understand the
    deeper values and hidden agendas buried in the mystical world of SEO. I am
    now a subscriber and thankful that you’re out there to give us clear and
    crisp insight on these convoluted matters.

  11. Glad I found this. My site went from page 1 to 15 in Syracuse; practically
    shut my phones off and I haven’t been able to spring back since.
    Edit: I haven’t done (to my awareness) any dirty tricks or other nonsense
    that I thought could cause me trouble. I’m just a photographer with a blog
    and I don’t even know what a “blackhat forum” is. I really wish I knew
    more about why these things happen.

  12. High-quality articles plus contextual back links from authentic web 2.0
    platforms is what even now actually works in 2014.I normally count on R8SEO
    for my link building campaigns and the results are excellent.You ‘ll find
    it on G00gle.

  13. Hey Josh! Great video! Finally some 2014 relevant SEO tips! I have sent you
    an email with some specific questions if you have a minute or two? Thanks

  14. This is a pretty complete list of all the things that you should know about
    the business. The good thing about it is that the manager was able to send
    the message loud and clear. There was never a boring moment in this video.
    In fact, I can watch all the products from this good man right here.

  15. I have been wondering, do you think Google are aware users signed who visit
    black hat sites? If we link authorship to our sites then would they link
    user internet activity to the website itself? I realize this would be a
    breach in privacy but I would not put it past any company, just for the
    record I don’t do black hat lol.

  16. Very interesting and informative video, like always, Josh! Well, 10% are
    better than nothing… Having secrets (and let people know it!!!) can make
    a person more intriguing and…. yes, sometimes even more attractive. I use
    the same strategy for my life and my business too, by the way 😉 I need
    your blessing on my link building tactic for a brand new site… Guess I’ll
    have to bother you soon, if you don’t mind…

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