Pedigree creates dog nutrition calculator


Dog food brand Pedigree has collaborated with Starcom MediaVest (SMG) Malaysia to launch “Pedigree Nutri Number Calculator”.

The insights for the campaign stemmed from an observation that the majority of dog owners in Malaysia provide their dogs with either meal leftovers or home cooked food on a daily basis. As a result, their dogs are not getting enough nourishment as their nutritional needs vary largely from humans.

With this campaign, Pedigree wanted to raise awareness amongst dog owners to make the switch to Pedigree. The campaign was activated on 10 March 2014 via Facebook, one of Malaysia’s most popular and utilized social media platform. It will run for a total of six weeks.

“The campaign executed by Starcom was spot-on at targeting a large base of dog owners who could potentially become our customers. Our platform to reach out to dog owners was always through education and the Pedigree Nutri Number Calculator does that perfectly,” Raei-Sze Pang, senior brand manager of pet care marketing, Mars Southeast Asia said.

Nick Drew, managing director of Starcom Malaysia added that “given the right insights, dog owners will naturally seek to make informed choices that translate to the best for their loved ones.”


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