What I wish I knew starting out! Lots of links, including 2 weeks free video lessons on this blog post:…


25 thoughts on “WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEB DEVELOPER! – Web Development Career advice

  1. I’m a professional therapist who wants to do free lance web design in my
    spare time, but keep putting it off. I’m already familiar with the front
    end programming and database design. I just need to get off my butt and
    make contacts. 

  2. This is really great Will. It’s really great to get this 100yd perspective
    from someone who knows what they are talking about. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The thing about Flash is that its a niche skill at this point- yes, its not
    going to do you any good to learn it by now, yet I recently saw an opening
    for full-time Flash developer.

    Go figure.

  4. I can’t even begin to express how much I loved this video (even though you
    didn’t focus on Django for the backend :P). I’ve also seen you have some
    excellent stuff I’ll have to check on your channel, so subscription was
    mandatory. Thanks a lot!

  5. If only someone could’ve told me that community college is not the answer
    and self teaching is the way to go! Then I could’ve kept up on these
    technologies as soon as they came out. I started learning when PSD to HTML
    was the cat’s pajamas, and having a flash site made you the fanciest person
    alive. I feel old!

  6. Hello. This was a great video for me. I am 24 years old and I have my
    associates in Graphic Design, and currently working on getting my bachelors
    in web development. I am not the best at it, but I know that if I keep at
    it, I can get the hang of it. Do you think that at my age I am too old to
    try switching from a Graphic Designer to a web developer? And how long do
    you think it would take to have enough skill to land a job as a front end

  7. Awesome mind map planning
    Helped me as newby on programming web
    Permit to download this one Will
    Thanks a lot

  8. Hi, it is amazing…………really.

    By the way, what software you used to show the flowchart in the

  9. I am a developer working in Middleware and proprietary software but I am
    interested in web development. I am currently looking at targeting my
    educational focus. I have spent a lot of time researching what to learn
    and this is the ONLY video that goes beyond the obvious and explains the
    why and how of the entire tech stack. Big Up to you! 

  10. Excellent video! I wish I could’ve seen a video like this coming out of
    high school. I will definitely recommend this video to anyone I know
    looking to get into the web development field!

    I’ve been learning web development from online sites such as Udemy,
    LearnToProgram and Pluralsight. Do you have any other good recommendations
    to learn web development online?

  11. Wil I need a video on how to tie all these pieces togther, I love node,js,
    I love java script and have a strong dB background. Having a hard time
    bringing it together.

  12. as a first year student just trying to find my way in this web development
    world.. this is literally the most perfect video for me and what I am most
    concerned about right now.. thank you.. you kick ass: )

  13. Wow! Awesome video. I’ve been learning PHP for the last year, and have lots
    of experience with HTML and CSS. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of jobs for
    Front End Developers. After watching this I think front end is the way to
    go. Thanks!

  14. Hey what’s your thoughts on scala vs ruby been doing some research and
    noticed some companies switching from ruby for scala 

  15. This is a must-see for any new grads or people interested in getting into
    web development. In fact, it should be the first thing you watch on your
    first day of getting a CS degree.

    My following skill-set includes: Basic Front End & Responsive Design with
    CSS3/HTML5, Backend with Django/Python.

    Where do you think I should go next to compliment the above?

    (I’m in the process of developing my own personal marketing website and
    blog as well as two web application to showcase a little skill. After that,
    I have a fitness/personal development company I would like to get started
    and their will be a website, blog, and various products for sale there.)

    Thanks for putting this knowledge out into the world.

  16. Thanks! this is great explanation.. just need to start from basic on
    front-end then back end.. keep it up will!

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