New Breakthroughs in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

No marketing plan can be considered complete (or even competitve) without a strong Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan. Yet many dealerships are missing the m…
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5 thoughts on “New Breakthroughs in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  1. When we advertise on Adwords, our landing page always has at the very least
    a very compelling headline, a bullet list of benefits, and a very clear
    call to action. That can be a button to another page or an email lead
    capture form or whatever, but I’ve never seen a landing page perform well
    with any amount of traffic without at least those three elements. So as
    we’re talking about paid traffic, remember that it’s also the advertising
    on the page itself too that needs to be optimized. You can hire a
    conversion rate optimization specialist like Simon if you feel like you
    need some help with that, his number is 888-648-5526.

  2. The explanation of the tips in this video definitely made it more
    interesting. It was explained in detail. The person behind this production
    also gave us a background on why things work that way. It is not merely a
    presentation of tips and that is the highlight of the presentation.

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